About Us

The International Forestry Students’ Association (IFSA) is a global network for students in Forest Sciences, Forest Management and other related fields that aims to bring undergraduate and graduate students together through annual meetings, exchanges and forums. IFSA also provides a platform for students to express their opinions and concerns as it sends students to regionally and internationally known conferences related to forestry.

The local IFSA UBC committee was established in 2011 by passionate and inspired UBC students who had attended the 39th IFSS (International Forestry Students’ Symposium) in Finland.

IFSA UBC regularly organizes community events and activities that highlight international and local forestry concerns and we collaborate with the rest of the Faculty of Forestry to promote a greater sense of community. Such events and activities include foraging trips, panelist discussions about the annual COP conferences, writing contests and much more! Further, every year, IFSA UBC sends delegates to IFSS and organizes regional IFSA meetings with other local North American committees.


North American IFSA local committees in Canada and the United States.

The IFSA UBC local chapter is a friendly group of students motivated to learn more about forestry, environment and much more! We hold various events, such as movie screenings and speaker events, as shown below. Come join us at our next meeting!