2014: British Columbia


IFSS is a two-week long annual symposium, hosted in a new country each year, and attended by more than 130 forestry students from around the world. The event allows attendees to learn about various aspects of forestry and forest sciences as they tour through various regions of a particular country. We were very honored to host the 42nd IFSS in this beautiful province in the summer of 2014.

IFSA members worldwide were excited to visit our province and our world renowned forests and universities, and experienced an unforgettable experience that showcased our fascinating landscape, innovative research and unique forestry and forest management practices.

For two weeks we lead a tour of the province attempting to cover a variety of ecosystems types while visiting timber operations, community forests, sawmills, processing plants, research forests, provincial parks and the three universities collaboratively planning this event.

IFSA UBC together with IFSA local committees at Thompson Rivers University and the University of Northern British Columbia would like to thank everyone who helped make IFSS 2014 in British Columbia such a success!

Traveled Route


 Organizing Committee

Meet the passionate team that helped make this student-organized conference a huge success!

When we look back at how this huge mobilization of international students all across the world and across BC was a result of a 2-year-long collaboration between local students, we’re overwhelmed with a sense of awe and pride. We were not professionals, we were not employed, we were simply driven by a legacy and curiosity. We wanted to be inspired by the past to create something better.

The result? 2 weeks of diversity, community, friendship, collective learning about and appreciating the beautiful forests of BC.



A special welcome to Lake Cowichan by the First Nation band.

A general assembly taking place at TRU in Kamloops




ifss2014i ifss2014h

The whole group visiting Wells Grey Provincial Park

 Visting a mill in Fort St. James


Visiting an old-school logging site, which had a steam donkey, on Vancouver Island.