COP21 in Paris

Ahead of COP21 in Paris, IFSA UBC hosted an informative and engaging panel discussion taking deeper look at the UN climate change negotiation process, expectations, implications, and what it all means for Canada and Canadians as global citizens.

Panelists included:

Dr. George Hoberg – UBC professor in the faculty of forestry, specializes in environmental and natural resource policy and governance

Kristy Buckley – Senior Mediator and Program Manager at Meridian Institute. PhD Candidate at Wageningen University

Jennifer Allan – Writer and editor for IISD Earth Negotiations Bulletin, PhD Candidate at the University of British Columbia

Khalil Walji – Attended last year’s COP 20 event in Lima, Peru, MSc student in Land and Food Systems

Jesse Way – Current IFSA UBC president, attending the Global Landscapes Forum and COP 21 in Paris


If you would like to watch our event, click here!