Unlock Your Potential with IFSA-UBC: Join Our Leadership Team!

IFSA-UBC is hiring!

Are you a UBC student with a drive to make a tangible impact on campus? Do you possess a passion for sustainability, forestry, and global issues? If you’re nodding along, the International Forestry Students’ Association at UBC (IFSA-UBC) is excited to extend an invitation for you to become a pivotal part of our vibrant team and drive positive transformations within our community!


IFSA-UBC stands as a student-led organization dedicated to fostering deeper insights into forestry, sustainability, and worldwide concerns. Our primary objective is to curate an environment where students can collaborate, learn, and take purposeful strides towards addressing critical global matters.

Why Embark on Your Journey with IFSA-UBC?

Elevate your university experience by joining our leadership team to shape the trajectory of IFSA-UBC and contribute to impactful initiatives. Here are compelling reasons to consider seizing this opportunity:

  1. Develop Invaluable Leadership Skills: Hone essential leadership capabilities as you undertake pivotal roles within our organization.
  2. Forge an Influential Network: Establish connections with fellow students, faculty members, and industry professionals invested in the realms of forestry and sustainability.
  3. Catalyze Positive Transformation: Engage in projects and events that galvanize awareness and prompt action towards global environmental issues.
  4. Elevate Your Portfolio: Showcase your active involvement in a student-run organization that ardently champions sustainability and international concerns.

Positions Open to All UBC Students:

We are excited to announce openings for diverse roles, welcoming applications from undergraduate, master’s, and PHD students across UBC:

VP Finance: Skillfully manage budgeting and financial operations to ensure IFSA-UBC’s initiatives thrive.

VP Media: Spearhead our media and communication endeavors, including social media, content creation, and brand enhancement.

VP Logistics: Take the reins of event planning, logistics coordination, and seamless execution for IFSA-UBC’s endeavors.

VP Administration: Effortlessly handle administrative responsibilities, records upkeep, and internal communications at IFSA-UBC.

VP Internal: Foster a dynamic internal community by orchestrating member engagement activities and enriching workshops.

VP External: Cultivate connections with external entities, partners, and other student organizations to extend IFSA-UBC’s reach.

VP Relationship: Skillfully manage and enhance relationships with IFSA chapters worldwide, contact sponsorship and facilitating international connections.

How to Apply:

To explore each role’s responsibilities and requirements in depth, visit our Hiring Document. We enthusiastically encourage all UBC students who resonate with our mission to apply and help shape IFSA-UBC’s trajectory.

Click here for our application link. IFSA-UBC would like to thank all those that apply but will only be emailing those candidates who are short-listed for an interview.

Deadline Approaching:

Applications must be submitted by September 18, 2023. Seize this chance to channel your skills, ideas, and fervor into IFSA-UBC’s journey towards creating a sustainable and impactful future.

Unite for Change:

IFSA-UBC transcends the boundaries of a conventional student organization – it’s a vibrant platform for driven individuals to unite, initiate change, and contribute to global sustainability endeavors. Join our ranks and play a pivotal role in crafting a brighter future for our campus and beyond.

For inquiries and applications, please reach out to us at ifsa.ubc@gmail.com

Prepare to ignite change and become part of a thriving community with IFSA-UBC. Apply today and harness your passion to champion sustainability!

Note: We extend our invitation to all UBC students, encompassing undergraduates, master’s, and doctoral candidates. We actively encourage diverse backgrounds and interests.